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Please note that this device has been approved for non-business purposes and may be used
in any environment, including residential areas.
Polish Center for Testing and Certification Notice
The equipment should draw power from a socket with an attached protection circuit (a three-prong socket). All equipment that works together
(computer, monitor, printer, and so on) should have the same power supply source.
The phasing conductor of the room's electrical installation should have a reserve short-circuit protection device in the form of a fuse with a
nominal value no larger than 16 amperes (A).
To completely switch off the equipment, the power supply cable must be removed from the power supply socket, which should be located
near the equipment and easily accessible.
A protection mark "B" confirms that the equipment is in compliance with the protection usage requirements of standards PN-93/T-42107 and
NOM Information (Mexico Only)
The following information is provided on the device(s) described in this document in compliance with the requirements of the official Mexican
standards (NOM):
Dell Computer Corporation